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Microgreens, more than just salad greens....

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

After a rather uneventful Christmas break from my blog, I am back! The holidays here in Montreal were pretty disappointing as Covid imposed restrictions were brought back into our city and we were not able to get together with family and friends for holiday celebrations. The only joyous holiday moments we had were with the four of us who live together as we unwrapped Christmas presents listening to Christmas music whilst sipping our eggnog.

The New Year brought with it quite a bit of worry over the rising numbers of those testing positive for the virus , however as the wintry frost of January's new air, the first days of January also brought with it a sense of renewal and the thought that it indeed was now a fresh start and perhaps a glimmer of hope the days would get better and that we would rise above all this pandemic dome and gloom.

With this sense of hope, I seeded my trays for the New Year's first deliveries. I harvested the first set this afternoon, and could not help but smile as the harvester knife slid through the green and purple stalks , and I smelled the fresh earthy smell of microgreens being trimmed.

As you can see in these photos, my micros looked happy and healthy, thrusting their stalk upwards towards the light. I have always marveled how pretty they do look in their trays.

I have received messages asking to show how the microgreens look when harvested and packaged, ready for delivery to my customers here in the Montreal area. Check out this slide show of photos, including some of the microgreens packaged in clamshell compostable containers.

As you now know these microgreens are more than just salad to me. They represent health, nutrition and renewal. Health and nutrition most easily are exemplified in the ways in which they can be used to augment and be an integral part of your healthy diet. Perhaps one of the fastest and easiest ways to add micros into your diet is to make smoothies. To get some recipes and ingredients for delicious, tasty and healthy smoothies, go check out this recipe and site for a Pineapple Orange Green Smoothie with Microgreens - Flavour and Savour.

To add even more smoothie recipes and recipe ideas to your repertoire try Not only is this site good as a go-to for recipes but it also tells you the best ways to store your microgreens until you enjoy them. Be creative, think out of the box when mixing micros into your diet. Just this past week I made a Hungarian pork roll roast stuffed with sausage, bacon, ground pork, onions, spices, garlic, bread crumbs, asparagus and kale microgreens. I will be sharing the recipe on one of my next blogs.

Until then, stay healthy, safe, and bring some microgreens into your life!

For delivery of my microgreens to your Montreal area home just email me at It would be my pleasure to supply you with your micros!

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