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Buy some microgreens I've grown with love and care. Discover what deliciousness can be

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Above this paragraph is a close up I took of some sunflower microgreens I am growing this week for harvest and sale. Absolutely beautiful, majestic, almost as if they were giant trees growing in a tropical forest. A close up image of a smaller world. I am repeatedly mesmerized by the visual of these germinating young plants and how quickly they become mature enough to harvest. On this past Canadian long weekend of Thanksgiving I cannot but help to have given thanks for the experience I am having growing these nutritious produce and how I can contribute to giving Canadians like myself a better healthful and tasty alternative in greens in their diet.

This second photo is of daikon radish microgreens that have just been placed under the light after several days in a darkened germination stage. Look how they are stretching high to go after the brightness, eager to mature and come on to their own. It reminds me of my almost grown children who are so eager and bright -eyed to see the world and experience it. In many ways microgreens truly are a kind of microcosm of the real world in miniature.

And so I've embarked on this journey with my microgreens business. My hope is that the passion I have for these tiny versions of adult plants is taken up by those who purchase from my business. I am hoping there will be customers of course, for that is the goal. So that they too experience the tastes I have , and revel at the subtle beauty of microgreens , and benefit from the highly nutritious food that they are .

One of the most frequently asked questions about microgreens are just what are they? They are a very young vegetable, like sprouts. However, they are different. Sprouts are newly germinated seeds that people harvest just as the seed begins to grow and before the leaves develop. When the embryonic cotyledon leaves have fully developed and the first true leaves have emerged, the plant becomes a microgreen. Microgreens are harvested 1-3 weeks after planting while sprouts are harvested after 2-3 days. Many microgreens are more nutritious than their adult plant counterparts. Some research has indicated that Brassica microgreens, which include kale, may be an especially good source of antioxidant vitamins and the minerals potassium and calcium. There is also evidence that microgreens contain high levels of antioxidants, which can help fight certain diseases such as cancers. Radish microgreens for example, are not only tasty; they are an excellent source of vitamin C and zinc, among others. They act as a natural diuretic, help in purifying the blood and soothe the digestive system. They are antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and they help in preventing lung cancer

As well as being highly nutritious, microgreens can enhance flavors, add color, and texture to any dish. Just how can they be used in adding to our daily meal intake? Well they can be added as a garnish to salads, soups, flatbreads and pizzas. They can be used alone as a side, like a salad, to a main dish. They can be added to juices and smoothies to give additional nutritional value. They can add color and flavor to omelets, and stir fries, or used as an alternative to lettuce in hamburgers, sandwiches, tacos and wraps. The number of options is countless. What I am asking, no imploring you all to do is purchase some, ideally from MicroCosm if you're in the Montreal area and try some. Discover what deliciousness can be. MicroCosm, microgreens for your life. It would be an honor to have you as our customer. Message me (Helen Dicso) on facebook or email me at . We deliver all around the Montreal area . Bon appetit!

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