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Speckled Peas, the mighty not so little microgreen....

This week I started an experiment. Something new, for someone who doesn't like change very much, this was a nerve-wrackingly nervous thing to do. I tried growing a new microgreen I hadn't before: peas, specifically speckled peas. I had heard they are popular and that as a grower I would love them. My grown-up (21 and 22 year old) kids watched in wonder as these new micros pushed their way into our world. Well, I sure can say this - they sure do not disappoint. They grew to just over one pound of microgreens in a 10x20 standard tray I use. Now that's mighty much microgreens!

Just look above how tall they got! My daughter Vicky at one point remarked how they were going to gro right out of the tray! One unique and intriguingly special aspect they have is their tendrils that rise up above their two first true set of leaves. Chefs love them for this decorative aspect. These micros are even used in alcoholic mixed drinks as edible decoration. My photo below shows how these tendrils look like. For the rest of us, perhaps even more valuable is the nutrient content in peas microgreens. They are particularly high in chlorophyll and living enzymes, in addition to several vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, C and E, folate, niacin and the minerals calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Those are some mighty important minerals and vitamins!

As I harvested my peas this evening , I thought to myself as a consumer I would love these since they are more bulky and green than other microgreens. They perhaps in some ways are less different from salads and so for consumers who are still less familiar with microgreen produce, this one type of microgreen is perhaps the starter microgreen to best start with.

Mild in flavor with a slight sweetness to them, they are a great first taster if you have never had microgreens before.

In contrast to the speckled peas I grew this week I also grew red radish microgreens. Spicy, with a bite to them, these microgreens pack a punch. And even more so, they are breath-taking in their purple hue colors.

And just to give you a wee little micro-surprise their purple leaves have peaking in between them some light green-yellow leafed microgreens as well, all part of their magical uniqueness. To me they are nature's works of art.

People often ask me how do you grow the microgreens and here is a photo showing my racks this week.

So whether you are more conservative and only want to taste the mild yet mighty tall speckled pea micros or the spicy red radish packing it's punch there's something in our produce just suitable for you. Try one out. 1oz, 2oz and 4 oz sizes available, and samples to taste as well . Message me on facebook Helen Dicso or email me at if you want to just taste one type or two and see if you like them. I have had a great harvest this week and want to share it all with you. Come see just how tasty these nutritious mighty microgreens are!

Next week.... I tell you about the beautiful red yet tricky to grow beet microgreens journey into my heart.

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