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Start small, grow tall.......

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

My community of followers has started small, but slowly and surely, one person at a time, it has grown larger. Like above (which are broccoli brassica blend microgreens I've grown this week) what starts out as a tiny seed of an idea, sprouts literally into something that grows and grows..... slowly and lethargic at first, then slowly gaining strength and vitality with each day.

This week, in response to a growth in followers and interest, I seeded more trays than I normally had previously, and grew a larger variety of microgreens than I normally do each week. Lo and behold, today, my harvest day, I was rewarded by harvesting full green, vibrant and thriving trays of yellow peas, broccoli brassica blend, triton radish and dwarf gray peas microgreens. I actually enjoyed the feeling of harvesting, of running my very sharp knife through the micros, like a knife through butter...... This week's sales trays yielded me over 25 oz of microgreens, just under 3/4 of a kilogram.

I package the microgreens as shown at left, in clam shall containers. With an eye to being more environmentally conscious and sustainable, I use compostable clamshells made from corn. Through my little business if I can make a difference in our environment, I will always attempt to do so. It's a focus and goal of my vision for what I want this microgreens business to be like for myself, my customers and my community.

Part of buying microgreens means knowing how to eat, use and cook with them. Just what can we use these microgreens I've grown this week for?

Most easily you can use any microgreen as a garnish on top of your food, whether as a flavorful addition or for visual color, they provide a wonderful pop of green or even purple color to your dish. This week I grew triton radish. As seen below their stems are a lovely purple hue of color added to any dish or sandwich. Their colorful stems and leaves can be sprinkled onto mixed salads of all kinds, adding a lovely spicy taste to the dish. Triton radish microgreens give you a hint of hot spiciness reminiscent of the radish flavor you would get in the mature radish itself.

No wonder chefs love this microgreen for impactful vibrant colorful displays.

Perhaps one of the fastest, and easiest ways to add microgreens to your diet is to mix them into smoothies. My recommendation is to use mild micros like peas, kale or broccoli microgreens. Here's a wonderful recipe I've tried myself, and yes it really looks this pretty in the glass ! It tastes even better! (ref. Super Smoothie Recipe ( )

Ingredients One banana, sliced 4 to 5 large strawberries ¾ cups vanilla Greek yogurt Approximately 1 cup milk (or to taste) 1 ounce kale or broccoli microgreens, or to taste Ice, optional

To Prepare Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth. Serve.

For some more recipes for microgreens in smoothies try these:

  1. Microgreen Fruit Smoothie by A Food Lover’s Life

  2. Sunflower Sprout Smoothie by Alia Dalal

  3. Spring Green Smoothie With Pea Shoots by The Loopy Whisk

  4. Microgreen, mint + mango juice for one by Dolly and Oatmeal

  5. Apple Ginger Beetroot Smoothie by The Kitchen Girl

  6. Mixed Berries & Pea Shoot Smoothie by Food Pleasure and Health

  7. Vegan Broccoli Sprout Smoothie by Clean Eating Kitchen

Another way to use microgreens is to buy aromatic ones like basil and thyme varieties and include them chopped into pestos for sauces on pasta. Be creative and try new combinations. Just remember you are doing your health and body a favor: microgreens have four to six times, on average, the nutrients of their mature counterparts. For micros that's no small feat!

During this upcoming holiday season I am sure you can find a myriad of ways that microgreens can enhance your holiday festive meals. This week I grew dwarf gray peas as my last micros. These I use in smoothies, in sandwiches and as garnishes for pastas, and other main dishes. They are beautiful with their tiny tendrils reaching outwards towards you......

Last but not least, I want to wish to all of you the opportunity this season to taste new tastes, try new microgreens and prepare new recipes that will become staples in your family repertoire of meals. May your preparations for the holidays be merry, happy and full of microgreens! Let me know just how you did and what you did as well!

If you are in the Montreal area, order some microgreens from me by messaging me on facebook messenger Helen Dicso or email

Here I am, next to my tree, today.

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